Creativity in a Digital Era
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Six ways to foster creativity

Six ways to foster creativityClick to read  

Entrepreneurs use many ways to spark their creativity. It is important to find whatever works for you and use it to strengthen your work.


Methods of workClick to read  

Always make time for creativity.  For some using a timer is a good way to reserve time for their tasks.  You should aim for output and work even when you don´t feel creative or inspired. Some of the work will not be useful but quantity of output will make it more likely that some will be important.



Mentality that supports creativityClick to read  

Everyone has the ability to be creative but make your mentality towards your creative work serve you.
There are many advices on how to do this, find what helps you.

• Be open and playful, open to experience; intellectual, aesthetic, or emotional
• Realize that there are just some time in life when you won´t feel very inspired
• Take Risks  
• Do more of what you love
• Use spontaneity to your advantage 
• Reward Your Curiosity  
• Keep Learning 


Take care of yourselfClick to read  
Feedback is importantClick to read  

Diverse feedback is very helpful, meet people with diverse ideas and perspectives 
Listen for objections and use them to refine your idea
The people who love your idea are a good indicator of your future target group – find out what unites them!


Change your perspectiveClick to read  

• Consider Alternative Scenarios     
• Be on the lookout for opportunities and unexpected connections. 
• Read something
• Disrupt your thinking
• Fast forward into the future
• Explore Multiple Solutions 


Take a breakClick to read  

Take a mental break to allow yourself to refocus
If you are motivated to solve your problem exercising, sleeping or procrastination can lead to creative thinking


A method to think outside the box

SCAMPER techniqueClick to read  

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun." -- Mary Lou Cook

SCAMPER technique

(S) substitute 

(C) combine

(A) adapt

(M) modify

(P) put to another use

(E) eliminate

(R) reverse

Provides seven different thinking approaches to find innovative ideas and solutions​



Smart solutions in idea development

Brainstorming and Mind MappingClick to read  

Mind Maps and Flow Charts are used to Brainstorm.
Write down all thoughts related to an idea – Do not overthink it, just write!

Mind mapping software: 

• Mind mapping is also a way to organize and work with information. Some have the options to serve for effective teamwork.
• A mind map looks like a tree, the main idea is the trunk of the tree and all connecting thoughts are branches


Online journalsClick to read  

Many find this useful to write text online both to record things for work or for their private lives. Others use them for writing poetry or fiction. is an app to make an online journal. 


MoodboardsClick to read  

A moodboard or inspiration board is a collection of visual material  and sometimes descriptive words to guide you in your work and to communicate a style or concept. A clear starting point like this can be useful for you to make it more clear if you are on the right path.

Set the direction of your project
Collect matierial
Add images that inspire you (or motion&sound)
Add colors, files and fonts that fit your project
Organze it as you like best
Be open to add inspiration to your moodboard
Software for making moodboards:


Smart solutions in creative work

IntroductionClick to read  

Some apps/websites are meant as a way of inspiration in the creative processes: 

• Visual
• Sounds
• Working with your thought processes
• Information and inspiration from other people

Others are a medium for your creative work


Visual inspirationClick to read  
Sounds inspirationClick to read  
Working with your thought processes​Click to read  

Brainsparker – an app that gives creative inspiration, new ideas and fresh thinking. A mix of trigger words, quotes, images, actions and questions that shouldsupport creative thinking

The app contains 200 cards containing thought-provoking words and phrases; you simply shake your device to shuffle the pack and produce a new card.


Information and inspiration from other peopleClick to read  

TED Talks - Get ideas and inspiration from the world’s leading creative minds

is a global set of conferences under the slogan ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’

​Podcast are also a great source for inspiration.

Free apps for creative workClick to read  

Test Yourself!


The course starts with an introduction to ways to foster creativity, such as methods of work and mentality that supports creativity. It is an overview of SCAMPER technique that provides seven different thinking approaches to find innovative ideas and solutions. It ends with a few examples of apps and websites for idea development and creative work.


Creativity, SCAMPER


This course is an introduction to methods and mindsets that will support creativity. It introduces SCAMPER technique and apps, inspirational websites and media to support creative work.
At the end of this course:
• You will have learned a few ways to foster your creativity
• You will be familiar with SCAMPER technique
• You will know of smart solutions for your inspiration and as a medium for your creative work

Practical Tips
  • Break your work down to manageable pieces
  • Keep Learning
  • Be on the lookout for opportunities and unexpected connections
  • Mind Maps and Flow Charts can be used to Brainstorm to write down all thoughts related to an idea
  • A moodboard or inspiration board is a collection of visual material and sometimes descriptive words to guide you in your work and to communicate a style or concept
  • Get ideas and inspiration from podcasts and TED talks

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