Introduction to Computer Technology
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Introduction to Basic Computer Technology

Computing DevicesClick to read  

In the recent past the vast majority of people used a Personal Computer (PC) to access the Internet. Recently however the number of people using only a PC to browse the internet has declined rapidly. 
An ever expanding number of devices are now used to connect to and use the Internet. Some of the most popular computing devices are outlined in the few slides.

Desktop PC with Speakers

Personal Computer
Traditionally the PC was the most popular method used to browse the Internet. 
The Desktop version of a PC is a relatively large device and usually has a monitor, a mouse and a keyboard attached.



A laptop is simply a smaller version of a Personal Computer and has a built in monitor, keyboard and mouse. A laptop may also have built in speakers and microphone.
It is much easier to transport a laptop than a desktop and as a result laptops are more popular than PC’s.



A tablet is a small, thin, flat tablet-sized personal computer which has many of the features of a full-size computer. 
While tablets have been around for quite a while, they have not been widely used in business or in the home. However, the release of the Ipad has made tablets a household name.


The Monitor

The monitor is attached to the systems unit but is not permanently connected, it can be moved from one computer to another quite easily. 
Flat screen monitors come as standard and their function is to display the activity of the computer.


Mouse and Keyboard

Other necessary hardware includes the mouse and the keyboard. 
The mouse is used to enter commands into the computer and the keyboard is used to type information and commands into the computer.


Introduction to Software, Microsoft Word & Excel

SoftwareClick to read  

Software is the term given to the programs used by a computer, for instance if you have a game on your computer, the game is considered software.  If you were to buy a computer with absolutely no software loaded you could not use the computer for much more than a door stop. The usefulness of your computer increases as you add more software.
For now we will consider 2 types of software, Application software and Operating System

Application Software:
Application software is software that allows the user to do specific actual work such as typing letters, creating spreadsheets and databases etc. 
Examples of application software are Microsoft Word (used to type letters), and Microsoft Excel (used to create spreadsheets) and Internet Explorer (used to browse the web).


Operating SystemClick to read  

Most application software cannot communicate directly with hardware, it needs a middle man to translate and communicate between the two items. 

This middle man is known as an operating system, it sits on top of the hardware and facilitates communication with the Applications software.

The most well known operating system for home users is Windows and the most recent version of Windows is Windows  10

Previous versions included Windows Vista and Windows XP


Microsoft WordClick to read  

What is Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word or MS Word is a popular word processing program used mainly for creating documents, such as brochures, letters, learning activities, quizzes, tests, and students' homework assignments. It was first released in 1983 and is one of Microsoft Office suite's applications.


Open a Word Document

Right-click the file you want to open. 
In the pop-up menu, select the Open with option. 
If available, choose the Microsoft Word program option in the Open with menu.
If Microsoft Word is not listed, select the Choose other app or Choose default program option, depending on the version of Windows on your computer




Word /Toolbars

You can change the  shape of letters, bold letters, colour, tilt, or even underlined


You can select the font type and size


You can place the text/picture left, middle, right or justified position.


You can list the content in different ways.


You can define the lines-pace


You can highlight the text with colouring



Saving a Document

Click to the file on the tab of the Layout and choose save option
In the window that appears you Choose where to save the document


How to print

Select Print   
from the File  tab    
to print.

Introduction to ExcelClick to read  

Excel is typically used to organize data and perform financial analysis. It is used across all business functions and at companies from small to large.


Click the Excel button in Start menu (left bottom corner).
Select new blank spreadsheet. The new spreadsheet dialog box appears.
You should click/select the cell you want to work with.



Spreadsheet /Toolbars

Before or after typing you can shape the letters bold, colored, tilted, or even underlined.


Select the font type and size.


You can colour the cells too.


You can choose borders


Text can be put in alphabetical order.


You can summarize the inserted numbers  of the selected cells.


How to save your spreadsheets


Click to file on the top of the
layout and choose save option.
In the window that appears 
you can choose where to 
save the document.



Test Yourself!


This section of the programme deals with the basics of Computer Technology.
An ever expanding number of devices are now used to connect to and use the Internet. Some of the most popular computing devices are outlined in this module. You will also learn the basics of Microsoft Word & Excel.


Computer Hardware & Software, Microsoft Word & Excel


At the end of this module you will learn about:
Basic Computer Technology
The basics of Microsoft Word & Excel.

Practical Tips
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Use Strong Passwords
  • Keep practicing

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