Building your online reputation – Digital Public Relations
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Online Reputation Management

IntroductionClick to read  

What is ‘Digital Public Relations’?


Digital Public Relations (DPR)


Examples of DPR

Using digital technology to manage the reputation, awareness and brand of a Company


Social media


DPR uses digital media to influence




Online contentpresentations, company events, interviews


Practical Guide to Online Reputation Management (ORM)Click to read  


Online Reputation Management (ORM)


The ORM Process

Develop strategies to influence the public perception of your enterprise online  

Build positive feedback

Publicise positive reviews (with permission)

DPR uses digital media to influence



Monitor for negative feedback  

Use local and social media to build your audience




Online Reputation Management (ORM) – What do I need to do?



Before implementing an ORM Strategy, you need to:



Establishing Online Reputation Management (ORM) for your Enterprise

Establish your ORM priorities

 Decide on your goals

 Boundaries are importanthow much time and money can you assign to this task?

 Consider the impactwhere will you yield the greatest returns?

 Outline your critical tasks and first steps


Building your Online ReputationClick to read  

Implementing your ORM strategy

 Decide on the policy for your enterprise – Will you respond to all reviews and feedback? Who will be responsible for this?

 What is urgent for your Enterprise e.g. are there particular social media channels that have priority such as Facebook?

 Decide on urgent and non-urgent responses.

 Keep a blacklist oftrollsthat you will not respond to.

 Establish response templates so that your tone and message are consistent.


Online Pitfalls

things to considerClick to read  


Key tips for establishing your online enterprise

 Invest in your websiteit is your shop window so make sure it is inviting (see Module 2 for further information)

 Your passion for your enterprise is key but make sure to source external help for some digital aspects if required e.g. Search Engine Optimisation

 Security, security and security! Have policies and systems in place to reassure your customers (see Modules 5 & 10)

Crisis ManagementClick to read  


What are the potential crises for digital enterprises?



Prevention (Risk Management)


Website failure

Database loss


Continuous review of digital security


GDPR, copyright and privacy issues

Ensure compliance with relevant legislation

Public Relations

Negative publicity – loss of sales/customers

Establish your ORM (Unit 1.1) and review regularly


Crisis Management – Public Relations

What to do (and not do!)


Case Study / Task

Case Study: The Ratner EffectClick to read  

 Gerald Ratner inherited the family jewellery business in 1984 and transformed it into a multi million pound empire selling affordable goods.

 In 1991 he gave a speech at the Institute of Directors to over 6,000 people. When asked how he could sell his products at such low prices he replied:

 ‘because it’s total crap

 The media ran the story and the company’s shares lost £500 million in days.

 You can spend years building your reputationit can be destroyed in seconds!

TaskClick to read  

 Go to

 Sign up for free social media monitoring tools

 You will receive an alert every time your Enterprise/Brand name is mentioned online

Test Yourself!


In this module, we will explore the concept of Digital Public Relations and examine how we might build our digital reputation and also manage any negative publicity or public relations crises.


Public Relations, Digital Public Relations, Online Reputation Management, Crisis Management


◆ Describe ‘Digital Public Relations’
◆ Develop an online reputation management strategy
◆ Begin to build enterprise reputation online
◆ Manage public relations crises

Practical Tips
  • Your website is the window to your business – keep it user friendly and updated
  • Establish your ORM as soon as possible – delegate to trusted personnel if possible
  • Establish your risk management strategy early
  • Stay alert – use an online service to alert you if you are mentioned online
  • Respond to customer feedback quickly and calmly
  • Don’t feed the trolls! Do not engage with people who are only interested in damaging your business

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