Partner associati

DEAL La piattaforma dedicata servirà come luogo di incontro per la creazione di una comunità virtuale.

Il coinvolgimento dei partner associati è fondamentale per aumentare l'impatto e il valore del progetto DEAL. Ai partner associati verrà offerta, come ricompensa per il loro impegno e contributo, visibilità attraverso tutte le attività del progetto (in particolare in Divulgazione), accesso anticipato ai risultati del progetto e menzione nella piattaforma OER.


The Asociación al Servicio de la Investigación y la Tecnologóa (ASIT) / Association for the Service of Research and Technology is a private non-profit association which designs and manages projects related to technology development and local levels since 1989. Since its foundation in 1989, ASIT has fostered the creation and development of numerous innovative business projects. ASIT has also directly managed funding programmes for technology infrastructure, business modernisation, etc.

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ARRABAL-AID is a social and non-profit organization. Our mission, FROM 1992, is to work for full employment and social integration of people, especially the most vulnerable, supporting them through measures and actions to impact on the social environment. We must take good care of all people and taking care of the quality we give in our services, making the person served leave our entity having satisfied their demand.

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Tribeka Trainning LAB

Providing the best work experiences, training courses, workshops and seminars for students and adults, Tribeka is dedicated to bring value into every aspect of training and learning mobility. As partner of schools from all over Europe it has become the best and most successful Spanish work experience provider agency in the education sector. With a professional and committed team, Tribeka ensures consistency and quality, delivering world class services in a professional outstanding standard. ...

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Longford Local Enterprise Office

Longford Local Enterprise Office provides advice, information and support for business start-ups and established companies wishing to grow within Longford and aims towards fostering a spirit of enterprise throughout Longford town and county.

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Good Day Cork

Good Day Cork is a digital magazine that amplifies marginalised voices. It is a small entrepreneurial organisation supporting marginalised voices. Good Day Cork is a firm supporter of the Deal project because it bridges the digital skills gap through entrepreneurship for disadvantaged adults. Contact person: Joanna Dukkipati Website:

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ThinkSpeakDo is a Community Engagement organisaitson and facilitates and strengthens community connections through tailor-made solutions. ThinkSpeakDo values creativity, community and collective consciousness. They support the DEAL project because it is an innovative solution for the ageing community. Contact persons Eilis Biggs & Joanna Dukkipati Facebook page:

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Roscommon Women’s Network

Roscommon Women’s Network (RWN) is a local community project and charity dedicated to supporting women and families throughout County Roscommon Our work is all about engaging with women and getting to understand the needs of the county from the perspective of women’s experience. This starts from a determined commitment to providing a welcoming, friendly space where women can enjoy meeting others and choose how they want to engage with the network. Some 800 women per year use the drop-in faci...

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Skólaþjónusta Norðurþings

The main objective of the service is to strengthen schools and their activities and thus contribute to the well-being of students. The aim of the service is to provide early intervention, education and support to school staff, parents and children as well as follow-up with resources for various types of learning difficulties, social and emotional difficulties as well as support regarding children with disabilities. This is a service for pre-and elementary schools ((grades 1-10) in the area. We ...

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EQUAL Ireland Education and Related Services
Husavik Academic Center